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    We are artists, we are gamers, we are fans. We are crazy about video games, tv shows , movies, manga and many other components of the pop culture, and it is expressed in our art. We know pop culture is rich and diverse, that is why we like to create our own points of view, translated in fan art , personal work and even in our own merch. We also thrive to bring uniqueness and exclusivity in our product, that’s why all of our merch is limited and original. 

    Cyan Orange was founded by two artists with two very different styles, that like the colors, they complement each other. In this way we bring versatility, diversity and top notch quality in each one of  our art pieces and products. Our Studio also offers a variety of educational tools for newcomers and pros alike, ranging from tutorials, workshops, speed paintings and more that can be found both in our Patreon and Youtube Channel. You can learn with us and have fun at the same time. In our Youtube Channel you will find: tutorials, reviews, discussions, podcasts, duels and drawing challenges. On the other hand you will find exclusive content in our Patreon: exclusive illustrations, PSD, process videos, in depth tutorials and even our own brushes! We are very interested in our community growing with us  to become each day a better artist.

    Last but not least we offer commissions! If you have an idea for a cool character or a great concept for a comic, a book, etc. We can help you! Don’t hesitate to contact us or head to the commission section for more information.

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