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    How to Order

    ● We use Google Forms for each commission.
    ● Submitting a commission form is for serious offers not for general
    questions/inquiries. Questions can instead be directed to our email:
    ● A form may be rejected if we feel we can’t work on your commission.
    ● You must submit a form per commission order, you cannot order multiple
    commissions in one form.
    ● Quotes will be sent via the email you provide in the form. All business
    conversations will be done through this email. We do NOT do business
    transactions outside of this format.
    ● Invoice will be sent once quote is confirmed. Payments are in USD or COP
    ● Payment of Invoice adds you to our queue.

    Process of the Commission

    ➔ Once we begin working on your order you will be notified via email.

    ➔ Work can take up to 3 days to 3 months depending on where you in the queue.
    ➔ Commissions are first come first serve. Every new commission is placed at the
    bottom of the queue. Keep in mind that you will only be placed in the queue once
    payment is received.
    ➔ Position in the queue will be displayed on our DeviantArt and our Facebook
    ➔ During the quoting process you can opt for Sketch Confirmation. Meaning a
    sketch of your commission will be sent to you before we resume work on your
    order (Only applies to Flat Color, Cell Shaded and Painting)
    ➔ Feel free to email us once you have placed your order with questions, or to check
    up on the process. Please do not spam our email with constant check ups,
    especially if you’re near the bottom of our queue. We also do not accept
    random changes or add ons to a commission once we have accepted the
    ➔ You can send all the references you want to our email:
    cyanorangeart@gmail.com. (If you need to send more references than the form
    allows feel free to email them to us)

    Delivery & Publishing Policies

    ★ Clients will be emailed their finished work. You will receive a JPG, PNG and TIF
    files of your Commission in a .zip to the email you provided. (File is aprox.
    3,000px at 300 DPI)
    ★ Posting the work is fine, under the condition that the watermark (signature and
    Logo) is not removed and proper credit is given to the artist. If you require to
    remove the logo please contact us for permission.


    ❏ International: PayPal (Payment will be only in USD)
    ❏ Colombia: Money Transfer (Efecty, Baloto, Exito) Bank Transfer (Bancolombia,
    Davivienda, Itau) MercadoPagos, Nequi.


    ● You can cancel/ask for a refund; but the refund price will be 75% to 25%
    depending on the commission’s progress. Once you have been added to
    our list, if you want a refund, that refund will still be of the 75% of the total price
    (We charge this fee over the Slot your Commission reserved, in other words, we
    charge a 15% reservation fee for cancellations). In mid term of the Commission
    Process you can get a refund between 75-50%, and if you decide to cancel your
    order close to the finalized state, you will only receive a refund of 25%.
    ● Refunds are not allowed after completed commissions. We cannot draw an
    entire commission for free, or edit it after completion. Please make sure the
    information in the form is clear and accurate, and remember you can ask for
    pictures of work in progress (Pictures of Work in Progress ONLY applies to Flat
    Color, Cell Shaded and Painting).

    Permission & Copyright

    ➢ We have full rights over our artwork. Regardless of you being a commissioner ,
    the art still belongs to us.
    ➢ We only work with clients that are 18+ in age. Submitting a form and filing for a
    commission confirms that you are this age. Finding out otherwise will have you
    banned from commissioning us.
    ➢ The client is never permitted to edit/modify/trace, claim credit.
    ➢ Resizing for banners and icons is permitted.
    ➢ Commercial use of the commission is not allowed. If you want to order a
    Commercial Commission please contact us at: cyanorangeart@gmail.com.
    ➢ Your commission can be used for our own advertising of business, and on our
    ➢ It is your responsibility to save the image. It might not be in our galleries forever
    or in our files.

    What we will draw

    ● Characters (Human/Humanoid/Antrophs)
    ● Couples (Doesn’t matter their sexuality)
    ● Fantasy/Science Fiction
    ● Automobiles
    ● Multiple Characters Events
    ● Concept art

    What we won’t draw

    ● Hard Sexualized Art
    ● Intricate mechanical Designs/robots
    ● Sexualized children/minors.
    ● Sexualized Furries
    ● Art focused only on backgrounds (Unless the topic of the month say
    ● Nothing politically or religiously offensive

    Cyan Orange Studio